September is a lovely month here in Dartmouth. The sea is warm, and the days can be too. But there is a slight feel of change and autumn in the air, with a nippy chill in the mornings and evenings.

The mouth of the River Dart

We love this time of year, because effectively you can get away with a least three outfits a day. Which we find very satisfying: something warm in the morning, to get our creative thinking flowing, a T and shorts in the daytime, and then back in snuggly warmer clothes in the evening.


All of our knitwear is made using pure yarns. Whether it is merino wool or cotton. Our luxury merino jumpers are made with wool that comes from Peru, our thick knit Submariner’s are made in the UK, and the fine knit merino knits use wool from Italy. Our cotton jumpers are made using the finest cotton from India. Our suppliers work really, really hard (just like us here at JackSpeak HQ in fact) trawling the globe for the most prestigious spinners to ensure all our garments are made using the most luxurious materials for you to enjoy wearing.

Our unisex Submariner

So for a chilly morning, chuck on a men’s Submariner, or our ladies Moss Stitch jumper with some shorts or a denim skirt. Perfect thinking about starting work outfit, walking the dog outfit, or getting kids to school outfit. Around 11 after a coffee, and maybe a biscuit, slip on your favourite JackSpeak T. Comfy, lightweight, stylish they will ensure whatever you are during during the day, you will look good. Then maybe pop on a fine merino wool knit, or one of our cotton jumpers in the evening, over a dress or jeggings (for the ladies) or with your favourite trousers or joggers (for the chaps). We have every temperature covered, in nautical style!

Ladies JackSpeak Cotton cable knit


If you haven’t been in to see us in Dartmouth, do. We are COVID safe, and would be delighted to see you and assist with a quality knit (or two) of your choice to set you up for the coming season. If you aren’t nearby, why not visit us online? All of our clothing is available on the site and we take a personal pride in ensuring it is delivered as soon as is humanly possible!

Once you have your autumn wardrobe sorted, you can relax and get into what autumn is all about. Long walks through piles of leaves, blowy hikes to the beach, a trip to the pub, the odd casserole or roast dinner here and there and maybe a tot or two of our JackSpeak Premium Spiced Rum. You could sip a tot in one of our new Musto jackets! They are literally being unpacked as we speak, so watch this space! That is until you need to start thinking about Christmas! We recommend leaving these thoughts until at least November though, unless you are super organised and want to start now!

Enjoy our beautiful and ever changing UK seasons and stay safe.

Remember, wash your hands, wear a mask (we sell them!) and keep your distance.

Hello from us all in a currently intermittently sunny Dartmouth in Devon. We still aren’t quite sure where this year has gone, it has literally flown by, and now we are half way through August!

Our HQ team are always extra busy looking for new products and partnerships in order to bring you, our customers, the very best that is available. In fact we know that teamwork is vital in any setting and therefore teaming up with some of the best businesses in the UK makes great business sense.

Looking back to Dartmouth


We have formed some great alliances such as our rather special Jack Speak Rum with Distinctly Different Drinks Co. This Caribbean spiced rum is cut with Devon Spring Water and blended by Distinctly’s master blender Laurence. Of course there was an obligatory trip for Laurence to the islands to taste and whittle down which rums he wanted to blend; to come up with a rum that we know our customers love. We take sourcing new products very seriously indeed. Drink neat over ice with a slice of orange for the perfect tot.

Jack Speak Premium Reserve Spiced Rum


If you like a smart shirt, then you may have noticed we teamed up with Emmett London to produce something that we think is a very special indeed. Emmett London is a Jermyn Street shirt-maker founded by tailor Robert Emmett in 1992. Their first store opened on the Kings Road in 1992, and since then it has opened stores on Eldon Street in the City, Jermyn Street in the West End and Canary Wharf.

Emmett London for Jack Speak shirt with cuff detail

With feature port and starboard coloured button holes and J.M.W. Turner's painting of The Battle of Trafalgar under the cuff, these exquisitely made shirts, are hand-made in Italy and exclusive to JackSpeak Nautical Clothing. You can slip one on for a hoofing run ashore, dress it down with shorts or jeans, or fling on with some formal trousers to effortlessly suit any occasion. You won‘t find another shirt like it anywhere. We promise!

Emmett London for Jack Speak Blue Poplin shirt


Our latest partnership has come to pass after several serious zoom meetings, which have happened with only a few slight hiccups (well maybe more than a few!) which we can definitely blame on Wi-fi connections!

We are delighted to announce we will soon be stocking some exclusive to Jack Speak products with Musto! Musto are an award winning clothing company, engineering technical and exceptional quality outdoor kit covering activities from sail to surf. Founded over 50 years ago, Musto are British through and through, and they, like us, are fanatical about detail and style - which makes the perfect pairing for us. We are super excited, so keep following us to find out what outstanding pieces we have come up with for you; we will be launching them soon.

NEW partnership with MUSTO coming soon!

We hope you are enjoying the summer, even in these difficult times, and that you will visit us in person or virtually very soon to grab your little piece of JackSpeak apparel. Stay safe!

Where has this year gone!

It has certainly been a very different time for all of us, learning to live with and be safe from, the COVID virus. We are pleased to report that some semblance of normality resumes in Dartmouth, with most shops and many pubs and restaurants open from last weekend. Although Jack Speak has always had a healthy customer base online, we definitely wanted to

re open our shop in Dartmouth, and did so as soon as we were able. The team are delighted at the many and varied visitors, 2 legged and 4 legged, we have had since then, so thank you!

Barney Savage modelling our doggy bandanas

Obviously during lockdown, we (well the HQ bods) had some time to think about a new T shirt design, and we were thrilled to launch our new Jack ‘o Spades T last week. The design, featuring a skeleton sailor drinking rum, was dreamt up as many card games have been played during lockdown, not just by us, but by the whole country we are sure. For sailors playing cards has always been an integral part of seafaring life and seen the success and the demise of many of them over the centuries. The sun is always and definitely over the yard arm somewhere in the world!

Jack Speak Jack o' Spades T

In addition to new designs, the team have quite unbelievably sourced a rather marvellous piece of history for our shop; a wooden writing desk, made out of timber from the shipwrecked Royal George, which was presented to a Benjamin R Roberts in 1872 by his father (we actually have the original proof of provenance on display too, from Father to son!).

Jack Speak's new writing desk, made from timber from the shipwrecked Royal George

So take note and digest some historical facts…

The Royal George was a first-rate ship of the line launched in 1756. The first, and largest warship of its time, to exceed 2,000 tons, the Royal George was commissioned at the start of the Seven Years' War with France and joined the Western Squadron in blockading the port of Brest and Quiberon Bay.

In August 1782, she was in Portsmouth loading provisions and ammunition for the relief of Gibraltar when the crew noticed a small leak, which necessitated heeling the ship to undertake repairs.

As the crew unloaded a considerable weight onto the store ship alongside, the rocking motion sent water slopping into the gunports, the covers of which had been left open. The ship went over and tragically nearly 900 people, including women and children on board, were drowned.

The loss of the Royal George by John Christian Schetky

Much of the ship wreck was lost, but some timbers survived and several of the salvaged bronze cannons were melted down to form part of Nelson's Column in London's Trafalgar Square. The Corinthian capital is made of bronze elements, cast at the Woolwich Arsenal foundry. The bronze pieces, some weighing as much as 900 pounds (410 kg) are fixed to the column by the means of three large belts of metal lying in grooves in the stone. True story. Interesting ‘ain’t it?

Today this lovely little writing desk, crafted out of the recovered timber, stands proud on our shop counter as our pay point. It makes the Jack Speak team feel very humble as well as super excited to have found it, every time they touch it. We hope you will pop in to admire just how lovely, and poignant it is, to have such a piece of naval history in our store.

The mouth of the River Dart and the entrance to beautiful Dartmouth

We are open Tues to Sunday 10am to 4pm, or online 24/7. See you soon!

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