As we welcome June, we welcome with open arms the fact that we can reopen our shop in Dartmouth.

Packed to the gunnels with fabulous naval heritage and Dartmouth style clothing, we are super excited in a Jack Speak fashion, to see you all again!

It has certainly been a very strange time, but we are so very grateful here at Jack Speak HQ to all our loyal customers, old and new, who have continued to buy via our website. The weather in Dartmouth has quite simply been stunning, we are indeed fortunate that we have been able to get outdoors and continue the legendary thinking that our head honchos are famous for.

One excellent thought had by one of the team was to offer ALL key workers a 20% discount off anything in the shop until the end of June. Our personal thank you to you all for all your amazing, dedicated hard work whether its delivering life saving care, delivering outstanding teacher support or delivering to the supermarkets to name a few. Just tell us you are a key worker when paying!

At Jack Speak we never compromise on our nautical heritage or our top quality clothing and we have lots of new stock. If you are after a smart shirt, our Emmett of London Trafalgar shirts will hit the spot, and if you need a T-shirt to blame or make someone smile, you can blame it on the rum, or suggest someone ‘gets the wets in’! For the ladies we have siren, kraken or pirate T’s for warm days and our cotton raglan jumper is perfect for cooler summer evenings, as are our lightweight cotton Gallatea stripy jumper range. Kids are covered too with mini Jack Speak, hard wearing, great value sweats, hoodies and T’s.

Jack Speak clothing for all the family!

Don’t forget we have a range of T’shirts the profit of which is donated to well deserving charities and local causes such as the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC), and the Mayflower 400. So you can buy and support at the same time! We know there is nothing like having a mooch, and seeing in real life what you might like to buy. Getting out out and having a look around will certainly feel a bit odd at first, but won’t it be great to see first hand what is available to brighten up your summer wardrobes?

As well as extreme thinking and designing, the HQ bods have been working hard updating the shop -there has been lots of top craftsman like making and installing of shelving, possibly accompanied by a touch of swearing! We want to reassure you that shopping with us will be safe (the shelves will hold). We will have to limit the number of customers instore and will always have hand sanitiser available, so just ask for assistance: we will be only too pleased to help. Of course for those of our customers who live further afield, and until overnight trips are allowed, our website is open 24/7.

The shop and home of Jack Speak, Dartmouth

Doors open on Tuesday 16th June at 10am so get down to Dartmouth and get yourself ship-shape and Bristol fashion!

With the slight easing of lockdown and some of us being able to leave the house freely whenever we wish, the dilemma may well be 'what to wear'?

A medley of our lovely customers wearing JackSpeak!

If, like us, your preferred outfit during the last seven weeks has been a dressing gown, then you might feel like perking yourself up with a new look.

We have had the odd ‘wear a dress day’ (not our Head Honcho Nick obviously) and even washed our hair occasionally, (again not Nick!) but we feel this lethargy of not dressing to impress should come to end. Everything feels and looks better with a spruce up, and this applies to us humans too! If you look good, you feel good.

Some top tips below:

1. Do wear trousers or shorts when you are on a business zoom call. You never know if you might need the loo, and getting up in your pants may cause undue alarm.

2. Mix it up, go smart with a shirt one day, casual with a T the next.

3. Start a “dress up for dinner” in your household. Bung on those heels you haven’t worn in ages (yes we know ladies that we will definitely only be able to wear them for about 5 minutes after wearing slippers and trainers for 7 weeks but still…) and team with a pretty dress and even some jewellery. For the chaps, perhaps a tie? And a jacket? And definitely some smart trousers…

4. Don’t go to Sainsbury’s in your pyjamas, at least put on a hoodie and shorts. See top tip no 1; again, you don’t want to cause undue alarm in a public space. Especially if they haven’t been washed for a while!

5. Wash your hair, shave your legs, trim that beard, and walk out in the sun feeling good.

Our JackSpeak Shorts

And when you are venturing outside for your daily constitutional we would love to see your photos of you wearing JackSpeak attire. Or even a mini video telling us where you are and what you are up to. Clean only please! Our website is full of smart and casual naval heritage clothing for men, women and kids, and we are offering free delivery at the moment so no need to worry about postage charges. Order away and cut a splash wherever you are!

You might even be able to visit us in the shop soon! The government guidelines suggest, all being well, non essential shops may be able to re-open soon. We are currently working on how we will ensure this will be safe for all, so watch this space!

Our winning 'Best Dressed Window' 2019 Regatta.

JackSpeak HQ would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for continuing to support us during this difficult time and we sincerely hope that you are all keeping safe and well, and if nothing else, enjoying some quality family time together.

See you soon!

We are now entering week 6 of lockdown.

This is a long time, and we miss seeing our customer’s smiley faces in our shop. Sitting at our thinking table with the JackSpeak dog, isn’t quite the same.

But, we are open online, and we would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their continuing orders that are piping through. We are pleased that our naval heritage apparel is bringing some cheer at least.

Dartmouth is very quiet, with everyone staying safe and keeping to the social distancing rules. One of the thoughts that HQ have come up with is a regular and brief history snippet about Dartmouth might be welcome. This covers two things, it keeps us busy thinking, and builds our customers knowledge of our town!

Our first snippet...

The Navy in Dartmouth and three very important buildings…

Dartmouth has been a home of the Royal Navy from the reign of Edward III and was twice surprised and sacked during the Hundred Years' War, after which the mouth of the estuary was closed every night with a great chain. The narrow mouth of the Dart is protected by two fortified castles, Dartmouth Castle and Kingswear Castle.

Dartmouth Castle is an artillery fort that has been guarding the town for over 600 years. The castle was the first fortification in the UK to be built with the sole purpose of housing projectile weapons for defence of a port. Funded by the wealthy merchants of the town who had prospered from privateering actions against French shipping during the Hundred Years War, it unusually incorporates the fine church of St Petrox. The castle saw action during the Civil War, and continued in service right up until the Second World War. Successive up-dating included the Victorian 'Old Battery' with its remounted heavy guns, guardrooms and maze of passages to explore.

Kingswear Castle, also an artillery fort was built between 1491 and 1502 in response to the threat of French attack. It took the form of a three-storey, square tower built of slate rubble with red sandstone detailing. Its large, rectangular gun-ports with wooden shutters on the ground level matched those at Dartmouth Castle, and looked out close to the water at the entrance to the harbour, covering both the sea and the anchorage itself.

Britannia Royal Naval College stands proud above Dartmouth and has been at the forefront of providing education and leadership of world class naval officers since 1863. Today, it is the only remaining Naval College in the country, fulfilling a vital role in training naval cadets not only from Britain but those from the Commonwealth and all over the world. The iconic architecture is a spectacle in itself. Designed by Sir Aston Webb, it was completed in 1905. Once lockdown is over you can take a tour where you will discover many features and facets of life at the College, from the earliest days through the Second World War, right up to the world class training the College delivers today.

There endeth the brief history snippet. Feel free to use this to test your kids during home schooling and indeed you could get them to draw what they think the castles and college look like! You could also include a sneaky question in any online quizzes you might be taking part in…

We really hope we will see you soon, in the meantime stay safe, and keep sending us your JackSpeak pics or videos, even from home! And if you do fancy ordering anything at all, free delivery is on us.

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