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Christmas Cheers from us all at JackSpeak HQ

It’s nearly Christmas and we are reflecting on a great year with great customers who really engage with our brand!

Triplet trouble!

Our ‘send a JackSpeak’ photo started out with Nick Shillabeer, founder of the company, buying a map of the world for the new shop in Lower Street, Dartmouth. Initially it was intended for the back wall, but when it arrived it was slightly larger than anticipated! Where to put it?! A conundrum, but obviously Nick was up to the challenge!

Loving life in Lanzarote

So after a suggestion from a friend, our wall of JackSpeak fame was born. We asked customers to send in their holiday or travel photos to us, wearing JackSpeak apparel, and in return we would share on social media and pin their pic on the map. We have been truly overwhelmed by the response and have photos flying in from around the world from San Francisco to Cyprus; gorgeous babies in our babygros and big boys in our hoodies! If you love wearing our products and love to travel, why not send a photo in next time you go and the join the many of our map? Our most extreme photo was from Tristan Mitchell on Deception Island in Antarctica! Can you beat that?

Keeping warm whilst perusing the Antarctic view

We hope that you will continue our journey with us, there is much exciting news coming in 2020, and we hope you will continue to follow us. If you are Christmas shopping in Dartmouth and after some stocking fillers we have some great ideas; bobble hats for all the family, alpaca wool socks, cosy jumpers and of course, our famous t-shirts, which are all on a 3 for 2 deal. Nick himself is quite the artist and we have a range of superb artwork that would brighten any wall, but it isn’t just about us, we support local producers too, who keep us supplied in a fantastic range of goods that are perfect as a treat or a special gift. We have handmade, superb quality furniture from Dartmouth Cabinet Makers, doorstops, chopping boards by Lou Griffiths of A Bunch of Stuff, David Bonds nautical antiques and Weaver Green throws and bags – all made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL game!

We would like to wish all of our customers, old and new, a ‘hoofing’ good Christmas and a ‘kraken’ New Year. Let’s hope whoever is in the ‘galley’ in your house, prepares some superb ‘scram’! Remember Santa will only come if you believe, and he still runs a good and naughty list no matter how old you are!

‘Show a leg’ and ‘Get the Wets in’...

Ok, a leg AND a foot in a JackSpeak sock!

Visit us online or in the shop, you will be sure of a warm Ahoy!

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